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Birth Stories

I Did It!

By January 12, 2015 No Comments

I had two c-sections with my first two babies and then decided with baby number 3, I wanted to have a vaginal birth after two csections (vbac). The medical world says DON’T DO IT!!! Every doctor I talked to about having a VBAC said that the risks of a uterine rupture was not worth the benefit. After meeting my midwife and hearing how VBACs were not as dangerous as the medical world said; my midwife encouraged me to hire a Hypnobirthing instructor and take the course so that I could prepare myself for the biggest event of my life. I am SO GLAD I DID!! Not only did this course teach me about labor, and what my body was doing during it, but it taught me that I really could do this! I really could have a natural delivery and I had to begin visualizing it and preparing my mind for this day! It opened my eyes to what fear and anxiety can do to me and what it could do to my labor! Well- on July 9, 2014 I heard the voice of angels…I heard my baby boy cry after I had reached down and pulled him out myself. By the grace of God and by amazing training….I DID IT!!!! I know, without a shadow of a doubt, had I not taken this training I would have given up and gone to the hospital and asked for either an epidural or another csection! I know the intensity of the surges would have scared me, but instead they empowered me to keep focusing on my baby coming to me. It was an amazing day and I’m soooo grateful for what I learned from hypnobirthing!!!!

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