Fee Information

All fees are paid directly to the Faculty Trainer. HypnoBirthing.com does not manage your registration.

*This is the tuition within the United State. Please see the course listings for tuition for other countries.
Includes all materials needed to conduct childbirth classes.

*Some courses will offer early bird pricing. Check specific class listing for availability.

  1. All candidates will enroll in the 4 day training, including the intro to Hypnosis for birthing and Educator essentials.
  2. If you do not have a background in Birthing, you will be able to complete the Introduction to Birthing Basics as an at home-study for an additional $150.00 +S/H
  3. Certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educators in good standing may return to attend a Educator Certification workshop at any future time and at any location at a cost  of $100.00 with the permission of the course instructor.

HypnoBirthing Official Certification Pricing

Full Tuition for 4-days: $1695.00 (prices may vary with location)
Recommended: Early Bird for 4-days: $1495.00

Birthing Basics @ Home Study: $150

Refund Policy